Xieli's R&D Center

Xieli R&D Center has high-performance R&D system, engaged in product development, development of analytical method and validation, custom synthesis, bibliographic retrieval and international registration.  The research priorities of product development are extraction and purification of natural products, semi-synthesis of natural ingredients and new medicines in areas of antitumor drugs, cardiovascular drugs, anticholelithogenic, etc.

The R &D center own a high-quality team of specialists and young talents, and keeping a steady pace of increasing investment to strengthen the group’s professional competence, self-independent innovation capability, cooperation and communication ability. With various ways of cultivation, the center forms an effective group to perform research and development.

The R&D center consists of Lab Scale Room, Pilot Room, Physical and Chemical Analysis Room, Precision Instrument Room, Temperature-controlled Room, Formulation Room, etc. And the center is now equipped with a wide range of advanced equipments to ensure the reality and reliability of experiment and detection, including Agilent’s HPLC and GC, the ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, precise electronic balances, the dissolution tester, the coating pan, the ball mill, the friability tester and other relevant instruments.

The center has formed close collaboration relationships with universities and scientific institutions for mutual complement of advantages and increasing efficiency of technological innovation. Several new drugs have been developed through these collaborative efforts.